What is that a turbocompressor?

In the principle of operation, there is as much difference between a turbocompressor, a turbopropeller and a turbojet which an astronaut enters, a spationaut, a cosmonaut and a ta´konaute... the principle of energy production is the same one, namely that one wants to make some...

It should be known that there are several types of turbo compressor, according to whether one functions in open circuit or closed (example of open circuit the engine of plane, example of closed loop the atomic power station), that one supports mechanical recovery or his push (mechanical recovery example with in more one driving reducer at exit: the helicopter, recovery example of its push: extinguishing systems of fire of the oil wells)

The operation of energy production being governed according to thermodynamic laws' good known, is carried out according to 3 cycles:f


1) Compression fresh gas

The fact of compressing gases, makes it possible to create a variation of pressure between the entry of the combustion chamber and the exit relaxation


2) Combustion or calorific contribution

The dilation of gases (or variation of enthalpy and pressure), which will result by a push (left engine of an open circuit) or in a mechanical energy, (if the wheel of relaxation is calculated to recover the maximum of thorough)


3) Relaxation

recovery of pushed or/and the mechanical energy

Example of turbocompressor with open circuit studied in the objective to produce electricity:

Example of turbocompressor with helium studied to function in closed loop on magnetic bearings: in the center we can observe the alternator high speed.








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