There arenít problems to find the examples of gas turbine without knock combustion : upright spindle turbine with injector, double turbines, one high pressure turbine and one low pressure turbine (with downright spindle) (used in nuclear power station).

Also, in october, november 1989, during the bicenternnial of french revolution, and the PERESTROÏKA(URSS), not more time before or after the break BERLIN wall, one of energy CCCP manager, has been caveraged, in direct, to 20 hour news, in this moment, the RUSSIE has took, by the media, for a serious country, this man told: « ...That he knowned a good answer to replace nuclear power station, by gas turbine butÖ (The gas turbines were in power station before, perhaps he wanted to talk about an other principle of gas turbine?Ö)  » as if he hadn ít ability of decision.

It ís very difficult to arbitrate, the news or the disinformations,Ö is it good for the public hearth or is it good for some economics monopolys ?Ö

In states too, they donít want to democratize the use of gas turbine: example, but it has been a gas turbine with combustion knock, to 24 hours of MANS (it ís a rase of car) in 1996 or 1997, they wanted to make a car run with this turbine, project without poursuit. (we must remember in 1991, MAZDA won the 24 hours with rotary motor , derivative of WANTEL motor, this car has finished in museum!...)