01/04/2009- today: Freelance: Automation, project manager

                              - NL220, Facilities, NetWork LON Developed Facilities Building, GTB (PCVUE32).

                              - Design and installation of video surveillance.

20/11/2007-31/01/2009: MATI'S Saulx les charteux: Technical Manager.

Design, implementation, development, comissioning, test bench for thermostat: TSX MICRO 3710, MAGELIS XBTG5230, PL7 MICRO, Vijeo DESIGNER, AUTOCAD WIRING diagram, manuel with MSOFFICE.

Site supervision,controlequipment, provides pre-project, corrective maintenance.

11/09/2006-19/11/2007: SPMS, Coucouronnes: Aotomation, Project: Design, development, operation, machine tool for superfinishing (automotive manufacturing): conceptual change, functional analysis, maintenance manuel, operator manual, scematics standards PSA and RENAULT.

STEP7 PLC Siemens S7, S5 step5, profibus, protool, variable speed micro starter Card axis NC LINK 100 BOSCH, Siemens 611U, Indramat DRIVE TOP13V3. Autocad, Schema 6.

10/07/2006-04/09/2006: CETRED/FIRAC: Poissy: Automation: develpment system for ground handling, shoeing. PB400 PLC, Siemens Step7, Protool, Profibus, For CITROËN ( Aulnay).

11/04/2005-16/09/2005:OPE/SOTEC, Paris:  Contractor: study monitoring / installation gates for metro (RATP)

2003-2004: study feasibility, prototype realization of a producing engine with renewable energy of water for the ground aride.(en course)

2002-2003 : mission: study realization analyzes functional and startup automatism/supervision lighting and TGBT Jussieu (PCVUE32, PL7 micro)

2001-2002 : CIAC (Issy les Moulineaux): engineer head of automatism project.
Realization analyzes functional automatism cogeneration 10MW.
to lead and management project after signature of remote monitoring and access control for a military barracks. (Cost, times, quality, diagrams, planning, suppliers, customer, parameter setting) .MSPROJECT, AUTOCAD, VISIO, MSOFFICE.
Debugging and parameter setting Lonworks networks and system of remote monitoring for the tunnel A86 de RUEIL.
Appraise part automatism supervision of manufacturing unit of megacal and electricity. Objective: to meet the customer need, to clarify situations with suppliers
modification programming of the supervision of alarms télécom ADP ROISSY.
Modification regulation automatism siemens 135 step7.
Training course  supervision PCVUE 32

1999-2000 : TRAINING COURSE :  to choose and take again a company. (MEDEF, ISSY LES MOULINEAUX)

11/98-11/98: manufacture of ALBA, BARHEÏN. responsible for project of automatism.

1998 : TRAINING COURSE  : CLIDEP control and industrial project management (ISO 9000, MSPROJECT)
Training course in company (PCI MEUDON) :
-     valorization of manufacture of a assembly line of limps speed.
 -    in connection with the service research and development, analyzes functional,
study diagram realization and program automat of a control console of sphere of suspension

trained and I wrote analysis report to repair specific machine

04/96-08/97: EUROFIP/RENAULT BOULOGNE central méthod. Project manager.
Electrotechncal interface, between the RENAULT's standard of automatic system and the integrator, PCI MEUDON (CITROËN méthod), to made a engine cradle motor,with spot weld in LE MANS city.
Car : KANGOO. (Electrical habilitation B2. BR.)

03/96-03/96 :
INTEREY/ RENAULT sheet-metal workshop FLIN. Technical agent.To take over from peoples whom went in training for a new car (KANGOO).

01/96-01/96 : CISTEM/ALCATEL VOSGES. Technician of project.
Integrotor'sProblem with standard, in a automaton.

10/94-03/95 et 07/95-08/95 :
( catalytic converter)to repackage, adjustement, machin spot weld, TIG, machine to stick (ALLEN BRADLEY PLC-2). Training of maintemance staff and products keeper.

06/94-10/94 : MARKET/CERA/CIMLEC/CFC/CITROËN, AULNAY. Automatician, Médiator.
To move program for élévating stations, in seet-metal woorkshop
(car is AX) and tranfered infos with supervisor. (SMC600).

01/93-10/93 : DIXIT/PREPAC, VILLEJUIF. Project manager, automatician, électrotechnician, dessinator(electrical plan),
study, implementation, adjustement, (Hard and soft ) of prototypes to keen on watery food product in ecological outer cover (Propylene).
Repairs in German Switzerland. ( SIEMENS U115, ALLEN BRADLEY SLC5-02, TSX 17-10, OMRON, SCHEMA 545).

To replace of 2 Automaticians, on SMC 600, To made spy program. Espions. To see them the security problems.

03/92-06/92 : GTM-DS, NANTERRE. techinical assistant.
Qualitative analysis, Make a report on condition and possible improvement of parkings's GTC (central of technical gestion). (MULTIPLAN, WORD, SHART), (PARIS, GRACE, TOULON).

04/91-09/91 : MARKET/SCHLUMBERGER SECURITE, RUNGIS. Technical Support, repairs, put into service, instructor.
Matériel : System with X-ray, detection for suspect luggages.
travels:sensitive zones, all the France, Switzerland, Marocco.
05/90-03/91 : CIMLEC, Les MUREAUX. Automatician.
study, adjustement of programs gestion of faults, handling on the floor,elevator station, CITROËN ZX,in sheet-metal workshop AULNAY (city).
(PB400 CDE 1000,SMC 600 VPSOFT).

Automated production line to make the tiles (PB400).

08/89-09/89 : France ELECTRONIQUE/ LADA (VAZ), T0GLIATTI URSS. Automatician, Manager.
To change a producton line of spot weld, to make SAMARA 5 doors and 4 doors on the same producton line (futur SAGONA).
In sheet-metal work shop. ( automatun SCIAKY SY150).
01/89-06/89 : M6 (TV),control room, BAYARD street PARIS. Technician working, freelancer.
TV, restructurating, winking on TV automaton, and help in direct of information (6 minutes per hour).

05/88-09/88 : SAOUDI OGER, RIYARDH, ARABIE SAOUDITE. Technical and administrative Agent.
Assistant of manager of equipment, management and follow up equipments and people. (Car, truck, generating unit, jib crane…)

03/87-04/88 : year's sabbatical, pointed, oil pinting, to do sculpture, music, surrealism, dadaïsm style …
Creation a group of de music " Les n'y pensons plus ", a concert in GIBUS (near republique place, in PARIS).

05/86-02/87 : YREL, BUC. Technician, technical support.
Repairs near electronic component, program EPROM sytem, equipments with Bus IEEE, cards STD format, 8085, Z80, and compatible cards
with IBM PC, XT, AT.

09/77-04/86 : CHRYSLER-TALBOT-PEUGEOT, POISSY. Electromécanician RMO.
Maintenance staff on production line with spot weld (time of cycle 20/100 minute)
Repairs and conception électroncal system ( analogical Variator…) vitesse…)
Instructor in electrical workshop (CHRYSLER FRANCE school).


2010 : February: Language C on Windows, Dev-C++, PLC SAIA.                    

2009 : Unity Pro XL

2001 : Sofware monitoring PCVUE 32 (Arc informatique SEVRES 1 week.)
1999 -2000: choose and acquire a business. (MEDEF, ISSY LES MOULINEAUX , 4 months).
1998: CGPI, CLIDEP management of industrial project
1996: Electric enabling B2. BR.
1995: Management and creation of company.
1989: SCIAKY, VITRY/SEINE. Automat  SY.
1987: TELEVIDEO, AMSTERDAM. Compatible IBM PC, XT, AT networks and software.
1985: MATRA Armament, VELISY. Program detection of breakdowns, FORTRAN 77 sur VAX


2003-2005: diploma for the occupation of engineer in technique of mechanical industry option (in progress) (IUT de Ville d'Avray /SUPMECA)
1982-1985: IUT de VILLE D'AVRAY. DUT génie électrique
option automatisme.
1980-1982: CNTE (BAC F3), LEP de POISSY (BAC F1).
BAC F3 Electrotechnique.
1977-1979: Technical training school CHRYSLER FRANCE. CAP, BEP,
Electromechanics English option, And diploma of end of study mention very well.