Zone de Texte: Machine to produce water with solar energy


                        Analyze functional, analyzes value:

1. Dimensioning of the project:

  • Estimate of the costs

–In a country or the response to a need crucial does not exist, this answer can have an exorbitant price.

revenge, in a country where this one exists and is exploited, it can, so to be developed.

can be a starting point.

to have costs minima, It is necessary to reduce to the maximum the number of intermediaries between the study realization of the prototype and the exploitation by the final customer.

your product has of potential in the short run less you need investor and more financial potentials come to be grafted on the project and of as much, by action leverage, It is possible for you to obtain funds.

revenge, plus a project has a return on long-term investment, less the investors are interested, and more it is necessary to lock its management and to invest to make succeed the project.

The average price in France of m3 of water: (January 2004) 2,44€ (16F) the Cubic meter water.

And considering that the systems with photovoltaic energy having one lifespan 25 years, that can help us to determine to determine the cost price of the installation.

  • Estimate of the deadlines

–I wish to be in measurement to be able to produce a prototype of here a year (lasted stop of my formation).

- 6 month schedules of conditions realization, plane business.

- 3 month Marketing (research customer/investors).

- 3 month realization installation (management client/fournissor).

- validation.

  • Necessary competences:

•Techniques :

–Objective: to dimension the product technically, to establish the schedules of conditions, realization produced, test, validation, to establish the procedures of breakdown service.

- Thermics.

- Thermodynamic.

- Mechanics of the fluids.

- Electric.

- Automatism, regulation.

- Weather.

- Management quality of water.

•Financial marketing:

–Objective: to build the financing of the product.

 the final customer, to know his associated climatic conditions and its requirements out of water.

of the financial partners, long-term Investments = > fallen down medical, increase in the number of consumers, new markets.


- in negotiation

- To know to be persuasive

- To know the communications protocols with the various European Commissions, ONG, bottom of development aid, the World Bank...

Management project:



–Objective: to make respect engagements, control total coherence, lead the project in production run.

- Management cost, times, quality,

- transverse Management.

•Maintenances :

–Objective: to allow the installation to be available to its user.

Entretien of the machine first level by its user.

Automation of the release Maintenance second level.

Plan of maintenance, vehicle and medical inspection.

- Breakdown service first level

- medical Control first level.

Service maintenance

- Stock management

- To follow the procedures of breakdown service

- Gone up information.


2. Information retrieval:

–R้ponse au march้: plusieurs proc้d้s:

  • •Vegetation for arid ground, answering a durable development

    Balance between the cycle of evaporation and the cycle of condensation:

    To plant special trees "arid grounds"

    the argan


     The Shea tree

    The Arabic acacia

  • Sensor of fog (to see site: method th้odosia )(to also see site:ecotour the 2004 Year green of the ground ).

  • Under the influence of the wind, the droplets of moisture are imprisoned by a net:

  • Principle of the desalination of sea water by mechanical vapor compression

Thermal process of desalination with high output  (thank you At the team school EDC and Laurence Pannetier, centre de ressources technologiques INNOTECH))

  • By distillation, with a source of traditional energy,

     (to see site:Eduscol Culture sciences-chimie ))

    –Brackish water is heated, transformed into vapor, then condensed to recover only distilled water,

     or with solar energy. (to see site:Solar distillation)


Brackish water is heated by solar radiation, transformed into water vapor, then condensed on the higher walls to be to recover in the central container. It is distilled water.

"AKA Vapor Still" is a small inflatable solar distiller

  • •By Electrodialysis (to see site : Eduscol Culture sciences-chimie )


    Remove water from the ions sodium in the substitutes by ions chloride thanks to an electric field

     between which passes brackish water.

  • •By opposite osmosis (to see site : Eduscol Culture sciences-chimie )

    it is a principle making it possible to filter the impurities and to let pass only water.

  • •process under study:

    by congelation which consists in freezing sea water, to clean the ice of the brine, then to defrost it.



    • Broadly these processes have needs:

    - a provision of brackish water (except the net with fog)

    - of energy (all, the net with fog with need for wind and a unevenness)

    - Of a control of the advanced technologies (except the net with fog)

    -  of a regular maintenance day labourer.

    A problem in the psychological approach:

    - To drink a "stagnated water residue ". (except the net with fog)

3. Validation of the need:











Zone de Texte: On what does act it? 
On does health 
On the lack of water 
On the development of the population 
On the sedentarisation
 Or of what have need to function? 
water contained in the air 
of the difference in temperature between the day and the night 
of the sunning 
of the lack of water







4. Why produce water in the countries in the process of development with renewable energy?

  • –Because people need to drink.

  • Because the future passes by the durable development.

  • to meet their need they always do not have drinking water at their disposal.

  • they always do not have natural resources or when they have some, they always do not control their exploitation.

  • renewable energy is by inexhaustible definition (finally almost), solar energy by itself however does not produce waste (on the level of the sun it produces of helium, gas neutral) the medium-term exploitation requires a political good-will of research, because its storage and its provision are not as easy as with the energy of coal, oil, or uranium (fossil energy).


Zone de Texte: Product: 
machine to produce water grace solar energy, and the water contained in the air

  • –People have needs to drink to feed out of rock salt, to hydrate themselves and to evacuate toxins.

  • people of the countries in the process of development misses resources following:

    • Priority problems of health often of to a lack of hygiene, involving the inactivity and thus impossibility of obtaining resources.

    • Poor grounds and basements.

    •  Little river

    •  Little ground water

    •  Not fossil energy

    •  Little possibility of agriculture

    •  A lack of regular rain or management of this water.

    • natural resources (fossil energy, ore, river crossing several countries?) can create covetousnesses on behalf of the richer countries, which in certain cases cause conflicts intern thus enabling them to exploit at lower cost these richnesses, one of the consequences being the impoverishment of the autochtones.

6. Which are the causes of the disappearance of the need?

  • –When nobody any more lives in these arid regions or when there is no more arid region (not very probable)

  • When it starts to rain in these zones and that infrastructures will make it possible to manage this water.(in the short run not very probable)

  •  In the arid countries, the quantities of evaporated water are higher than the quantities of condensate:

    • Will the need disappear when there are a balance (or one exceeding) between the cycle of condensation and the cycle of evaporation (probable in the medium term)

    • When certain rich countries will have found the means of benefitting from certain natural resources of the countries considered without impoverishing the autochtones or while enabling them to have a being equivalent index of growth (index adapted to the need for the country in the process of development). (probable in the medium term)


  • In conclusion,

    • •When the world economic policy has a management total of the needs

    • and can make the difference between a need and a desire,

    • When the human one controls the climate,

    • the need can be reduced (possible in the medium term)


    Conclusion, เ moyen terme:
    Conclusion, in the medium term:

     The need exists!

7. Function of the installation :

  • –Its principal function will be to condense the water vapor of the water air to allow its exploitation of it.

  • Must have the minimum of maintenance and human intervention.

  • It must use renewable energy to the maximum of its possibilities while optimizing its energetic efficiency.


  • Note::

    It will be useful to quantify the atmospheric disturbances of with the rejection of pressure partial of air lower than the atmospheric pressure

8. Cycle life machine:

NWe will study 2 cycles of life:

1 period of operation

2 period of recycling installation

9. Identification of the constraints and functions to be filled:

  • cycle: period of operation:



















Principal functions (FP);


  •  Fp1-1: the cold well cools the humid air (according to the customer need and for the data weather)

  • Fp1-2: renewable energy supplies the cold well (according to the customer need and for the data weather)

  • Fp1-3: the humid air is broken up into dry air and water (according to dimensioning machine)

  • Fp1-4: water is placed at the disposal of the consumer (according to customer need)

  • Fp1-5: (option): water (distilled) is made drinkable (according to customer need)

  • Fp1-6: The cold puit should not produce pollution on the environment (in accordance with the environmental standards)

forced Functions (FC):

  • Fc1-1: the source of energy will be only renewable (not use of fossil energy for its exploitation)

  • Fc1-2: The machine should not produce pollution on the environment (in accordance with the environmental standards)

  • Fc1-3: The data weather will be necessary to dimension the installation (historical weather room, hour per hour over 24 hours during one year minimum more followed during the exploitation)

  • Fc1-4: The installation will not have to be able blaiser a speaker (to respect the standards of construction)

  • Fc1-5: The installation will not have to poison the consumer (to respect the standards of hygiene)

Hierarchisation of the functions:

By the Method of thecross one:


  Cold well


humid air

renewable energy


 Cold well

humid air


 Dry air






eau potable



Cold well



renewable energy Environment Weather data Intervening consumer  
  FP1-1 FP1-2 FP1-3 FP1-4 FP1-5 FP1-6 FC1-1 FC1-2 FC1-3 FC1-4 FC1-5 TOTAL
FP1-1   FP1-1(1) FP3(1) FP1-4(3) FP1-5(2) FP1-6(3) FC1-1(1) FC1-2(3) FP1-1(1) FC1-4(3) FC1-5(3) 6
FP1-2     FP1-3(1) FP1-4(3) FP1-5(2) FP1-6(3) FC1-1(1) FC1-2(3) FP1-2(1) FC1-4(3) FC1-5(3) 0
FP1-3       FP1-4(3) FP1-5(2) FP1-6(3) FP1-3(1) FC1-2(3) FP1-3(1) FC1-4(3) FC1-5(3) 4
FP1-4         FP1-4(1) FP1-6(3) FP1-4(1) FC1-2(3) FP1-4(1) FC1-4(3) FC1-5(3) 12
FP1-5           FP1-6(3) FP1-5(1) FC1-2(3) FP1-5(1) FC1-4(3) FC1-5(3) 7
FP1-6             FP1-6(3) FC1-2(1) FC1-6(3) FC1-4(3) FC1-5(3) 15
FC1-1               FC1-2(3) FC1-1(1) FC1-4(3) FC1-5(3) 3
FC1-2                 FC1-2(3) FC1-4(3) FC1-5(3) 22
FC1-3                   FC1-4(3) FC1-5(3) 0
FC1-4                     FC1-5(1) 27
FC1-5                       28


IT is not shown that the installation could not have an interaction on the climate,
in the contrary case,
we would be brought to reconsider the importance of the function "of the data weather".
for the functional analysis, the cold well is dissociated from the installation,
 but it will be integrated and managed like a component of the project.
  • cycle: period recycling of the installation:


















Forced functions (FC):

  • Fc2-1: All the materials must be able to be recycled (to respect the environmental standards)

  • Fc2-2: The cold well must be able to be recycled (to respect the environmental standards)

  • Fc2-3: The machine as a whole of should not have deteriorated its environment after desinstallation and does not have to disturb the rehabilitation of this one.

  • Fc2-4: Recycling should not wound a intervenant.(respecter the manufacturing standards)

  • Fc2-5: Recycling should not be able to poison a consumer (to respect the standards of hygiene)

  Building materials Cold well Environment Intervening consumer  
  FC2-1 FC2-2 FC2-3 FC2-4 FC2-5 TOTAL
FC2-1   FC2-1(1) FC2-3(2) FC2-4(3) FC2-5(3) 1
FC2-2     FC2-3(2) FC2-4(3) FC2-5(3) 0
FC2-3       FC2-4(3) FC2-5(3) 4
FC2-4         FC2-5(1) 9





Solar motor  TYPE III