1-1   Origin of the idea, and its advance:

It is certainly related to the association of observation and at the same time empirical and logical deduction:

The first time where the embryo of this theory emerged, there is a little more than one about thirty year, one of my uncles made me discover the principle of the thermosiphon, the objective was to heat its garden: it made circulate water between two radiators, one on the roof of its house, and the other placed in the ground of its greenhouse.


About the same time a film passed on the screens, it will be interesting besides to find the title, to know if it recalled a true story:

The history started with a twin-engine aircraft being crushed in the desert where the survivors had rebuilt, with the remainders, another plane but with only one engine.

With the end, the pilot started the plane, thanks to cartridges, then they flew away, the others lengthened on the wings while being studded.

During film, They had manufactured, alambique making it possible to obtain water. Following my interpellation, my father explained me operation (the non-return valve here present allows réalimenter the tank in relatively fresh air in charge of moisture (in the desert in full heat, around 30%)

 After obtaining water, a storm arrived.

A child having less preconceived opinions than has its adulthood, this more easily makes it possible to create correlations.





Towards the 12 years age, with my father who flew private planes, the ascending draughts and descendants intrigued me, which was with the reflexion of the sun on the ground of different colors: above a corn field the plane went up, and when a river was flown over the plane fell of a few meters of to a lack of lift.





Later, during the courses of physique of DUT, the definition of a black body was approached:

This one being cooled absorbs all the frequencies, and conversely.







In 1996, I carried out a site lodged by Club-Internet (http://perso.club-internet.fr/cobio) on the principle of this solar engine.


At this time precise, thinking that this goal required considerable means, to make it succeed more quickly, I preferred to make it fall into the public domain. However, of the envelopes solo were deposited and of the requests for publication near the Lavoisier editions and of the company Air Liquide on information concerning the spectrum of solar energy and the characteristics of helium were contracted.

The Swiss ones, Canadians seemed to be interested, on the other hand like much, they were ready to take, without any proposal for a development aid of the concept.

The Japanese, also interested, nevertheless problems of writing and language were not easily surmountable.

Sensitized with the requirements met by the various ways of thinking, voyages in the USSR, Saudi Arabia, with MOROCCO and my passage in
multiple companies (of which the last directed towards the cogeneration) helped me to make evolve/move and mature this project.

Without claiming to meet a need exhaustively, I think that it is easier to create new rather than to answer it directly. The utility of
the system for certain people, in particular the countries in the process of development can be concretely formalized. Until last year,
I missed it how to financially materialize the return on investment.

Remaining persuaded that it is possible to exploit the energy contained in the difference in enthalpy between the day and the night,
would not be as in the desert, to feed from the antennas for portable telephone (the development passing by the communication), this utility
would answer as well a desire of our consumer society as to others cut of the world.

In the countries in the process of development, on the basis of the air to produce water (this one being a raw material to exploit), this
production created induced atmospheric depressions, those consequently, remainder to be shown, would generate an increase in
pluviometry (the latter remainder to be quantified). These properties can answer a wish of development as well on the level of the food
chain of the person itself.

It should be known that this distilled water is unsuitable with consumption, that it will be useful for the precondition to mineralize
it, that should not be a great difficulty, this process is carried out every day and naturally.

To consolidate this project, it was necessary for him to shift in time (Day < - > night) the use of an energy reserve cold, called cold well
and a reserve of hot energy, if one wanted to produce the night. However a thermal process of accumulation having received the European
price of the innovation of the year 2000 (in Japan some made more extremely), was patented. It is the link manquant' engine.

The principle of the engine Type III meets only the needs for production of water what will represent a reduction of the total costs of the project, on the other hand it will be more difficult to establish the return on investment.


Origine of Idea